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A leading organization headquartered at New Delhi since 2006.


Since 2006.

We are a leading 

SGS is a leading organization headquartered at New Delhi, India and having offices spread Pan India. SGS provides Consultancy, Investigation and Enforcement services of Intellectual Property Rights and Management Services and other ancillary businesses. It envisages and is dedicated to protect, help and enforce Intellectual Property Rights of its clients.

In the year 2006, the journey of this organization ignited under the name of Solution an IPR Consultancy and as the nascent vision accelerated therefrom. With an existing & unblemished fame, in 2019, it acquired its new identity under SGS IPR Consultancy, LLP. This organization has, from its inception focused on the best results and long term goals. Instead of delving out a temporary knack for its clients, it has strived to survive the twists & falls of market, yet delivering the best to its client. SGS envisages achieving quick as well as effective & long lasting results for its clients.

The mission and vision of SGS is to protect & enforce IPR and by the subsisting legislations whilst it acts as a thread which brings together private and government agencies and by using its own expertise stops duplication of Intellectual Property Rights.

Every journey lead by us for our clients is a roller coaster one, with proportional speck of planning, strategy, risk taking, execution, coordination, team efforts and much more, which are all worth the results. This organization has a unique way of working, SGS with all the team efforts identifies both overt and covert situations endangering IPR, to which a strategy is carved out from rim to root, which gets successfully executed. Therefore by implementing our well tested strategies and occupational valor based on extensive research analysis and preliminary market surveys, we protect an entity from being a victim of IP theft/mirroring.


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