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How Counterfeiting harms Your Company

Increased litigation in consumer courts/consumer redressal forums.

The reputation/brand name takes a beating, especially in this world 
of internet reviews.

Demand for the product does not get converted into profit margins.

Fraudulent product warranty claims increase in production costs over time.


What are we 

working for ?

We as professionals envisage protecting, preventing & preserving IPR of our clients. Our forte being in Copyrights & Trademark, we always stand at the behest of truthfulness and genuineness. Counterfeiting and piracy is a global problem of enormous scale, impacting virtually every industry sector around the world. 

India is no exception, suffering significant economic and health and safety consequences, as a result of widespread counterfeiting, piracy and smuggling in the country. Small businesses, knowingly or unknowingly buy counterfeit technology or equipment, and suffer unanticipated costs in breakage, business downtime, and unenforceable warranties. Of even greater concern, individual consumers risk health and safety as they are duped into buying faulty automobile parts or unsafe medicines. In India, the Government has initiated steps to address counterfeiting, piracy and smuggling. 

Two major efforts stand out :

First, the legal framework is fairly well developed in India. Second, the government has taken steps to protect consumers’ health and safety from dangerous counterfeits through significant education efforts. Despite these actions, a study by FICCI shows that counterfeit, piracy and smuggling rates remain high. 

For example, across seven industrial sectors reviewed in the FICCI report, unauthorized or counterfeit/smuggled goods sales caused average sales losses to rights holders of 21.7%.


What we do?

Assisted by a team of highly professional field officers and investigators, we majorly work pan India. We provide a whole range of trademark and copyright services like filing of application, registration, renewal etc, to more complex survey, raid and brand protection services. We deliver excellent trademark and copyright solutions that are affordable, transparent, reliable and good value for money.


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